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A new name with a big history. For almost 20 years Casualife has been supplying both domestic and commercial customers through out Australasia, the Pacific, the Middle East and Far East, and elsewhere internationally. With our own independent manufacturing plant in Australia, and associated plants in Asia, we now have a new identity that reflects a grand tradition of quality and reliability with a fresh approach to design and worldwide marketing and service.

Manufactured under the Casualife trade mark, Casualife Outdoor Furniture has been recognised internationally as a market leader, establishing and building our products into a formidable force amongst the interior design, architecture and contract trade internationally, and also amongst our retail clientele. Casualife continues to represent all that we stood for under our former name, but with a broader approach and expanded product range. Comfort, longevity, cutting-edge fashion and finishes, innumerable features both obvious and hidden, together with uncompromising quality and expertise in the international marketplace will continue to make Casualife the first name in outdoor furniture.

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